Welcome to my website!

I am Kim van Beek , a concept developer and organiser of cultural projects, based in Amsterdam. With a passion for the French language I love to write both in English and French!

On this portfolio website I share my cultural / creative projects ( homepage) and my blogs about art, culture and fashion.

Being 3/4 Dutch,  1/ 8 Chinese and 1/8 Surinamese, this tiny part of cultural bagage possibly explains why I have always been drawn towards other cultures. Especially East-Asian art and culture.

But who knows, it might have been a visit to a museum at a very young age, when I saw calligraphy for the first time. Or a visit to Boijmans van Beuningen with my parents about The Forbidden City in China. ( and saw an image of binded feet!!)

On top of that, I love films and series ( history, drama and more)  I grew up in a bookstore, always surrounded by stories and storytellers..

Happy reading!