Welcome to my website!

I am Kim van Beek , a concept developer, online content creator, writer and organiser of cultural projects, based in Amsterdam. With a passion for the French language I love to write both in English and French!

On this portfolio website I share my cultural / creative projects and my blogs about art, culture and fashion.

Being 3/4 Dutch,  1/ 8 Chinese and 1/8 Surinamese, this tiny part of cultural bagage possibly explains why I have always been drawn towards other cultures. Especially East-Asian art and culture.

But who knows, it might have been a visit to a museum at a very young age, when I saw calligraphy for the first time. Or a visit to Boijmans van Beuningen with my parents about The Forbidden City in China. ( and saw an image of binded feet!!)

On top of that, I grew up in a bookstore, always surrounded by stories and storytellers..

As I am socially engaged, and highly interested in history, the blogs are often about art, culture or fashion related to relevant social matters or history.

From 2008 to 2017 I had my own fashion label https://www.buddhi.nl.  A crossover between innovation in craft, cultural exchange, fashion and social engagement. On the home page you will find images of this project and other cultural projects.

I started writing online content in the form of interviews when I was working in the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy ( Amsterdam) in 2015.

The Lloyd Hotel, a historical monument, with an innovative architectonical exhibition space ( designed by MVRDV) , welcomed many cultural guests. Artists, art students, designers, musicians or cultural entrepreneurs; a dynamic mix of guests from all over the world.

Many guests had an interesting story to tell. They were busy developing a cultural or art related project, initiating a social debate, or they had an interesting background to share.

Being passionate about art and culture I connected with them and their stories. What brought them to Amsterdam?

These interesting stories often remained invisible.

The stories give more insight in other cultures, widen your perspective, colour your worldview. The harsh and the beautiful aspects of other cultures and societies.

Besides the talented artwork, the cultural background/context incited me to share the stories with a public online and give talented artists a stage. Inspired by these encounters I did short interviews called the ‘Elevator Stories’. To make their stories visible. Published online on Lloyd Hotel’s website and now here.

The blog will move on as does my fascination for interesting happenings in the world of art, culture and social debate. In future I will add more posts of interesting stories or artistic expressions that cross my path in Amsterdam or somewhere else.

Happy reading!