In the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy in Amsterdam, when I was working at the reception back in 2015. The reason why I loved working in the Lloyd Hotel was the Cultural Embassy, which resided in the Lloyd Hotel until February 2018. Intrinsically linked to the Lloyd Hotel the foundation made numerous cultural connections with cultural organisations around the globe. Cultural organisations could become members of the Cultural Embassy if their purpose was cultural exchange. Attracting many artists, art students, designers, musiciens or cultural entrepreneurs it was- and still is- a fascinating public.

Being passionate about art and culture, whilst working as a designer for my own bag label, I connected with guests from various, interesting cultural backgrounds. Often artists or cultural entrepreneurs. Spontaneous conversations with guests turn into stories, which are interesting to share. What brought them to Amsterdam? In 5 minutes, you can unravel a hidden story and make it visible by sharing it online. That’s how it came to my mind to write short stories in the form of interviews called the ‘Elevator Stories’.

Some interviews were published on the website of the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy, but are no longer online. Since last year -2018- the hotel has new owners and the Cultural Embassy is no longer part of the hotel. The content of the interviews does not expire and is still interesting to share; they now live on as a memory of meetings with inspiring guests.

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