1001 nights I music event

Music Event. Oriental music X Spoken word

Location: Lloyd Hotel
During: “Hotelnacht”
Took place: January 2018

1001 nights is a music event with traditional and contemporary music from the Middle East.

As Shahrazad captivated the Sultan with stories of Turkish, Indian, Persian and Arabian origin, as do I want to captivate the audience with a contemporary interpretation of stories and music from old cultures.

The Ut player Nawras Altaky ( & band) gives with his voice more depth and emotion to traditional Syrian folktales, the flute ( Ney) player Sinan Arat combines his improvisations both vocally and on flute with electronic music and a traditional Indian sound. Spoken word artist Blinker experiments with a mixed form of different disciplines, dance, vocals, and spoken word. Godfrey Lado ( & Malaki sound) combines political – activist poetry, spoken word and music in his performances.

Interior and set designers Hida Kasaei & Amir Komelizadeh designed the decor and an interactive installation called ‘Alla Edin’ for the event; inspired on the story of Alladin.

On the wall was written in Farsi calligraphy: ‘Shahrazad speaks tonight’. What does storytelling mean to you?’, which was at the same time the ‘frame’ of the evening.

Nawras Altaky & Band ( Syria) I Sinan Arat & Band ( Turkey, India) I Guillermo Blinker (NL) I Godfrey Lado & Makali sounds I Decor & Installation: Hida Kasaei & Amir Komelizadeh I Design invitation: Alt 8 I Concept, decor & organisation: Kim van Beek

Videoclip event

Flyer I Links to artists

Installation ‘Alla Edin’
Hida Kasaei & Amir Komelizadeh
All photos made by Amir Komelizadeh

The ‘Alla Edin’ installation reacts on the touch of your hand. When the audience touches the lamp the sensors are activated and the ‘Alla Edin’ lamp starts to ‘vaporize’.

Nawras Altaky & Band
Godfrey Lado & Makali sounds
Guillermo Blinker – spoken word

Sinan Arat ( Ney) Barbaros Bozkir ( Synth) , Tarang Poddar ( tablas)
The Alla Edin lamp
Photos by: Amir Komelizadeh

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