Collection : NO machines bY HAND

Buddhi. A new design for an old craft. Exclusive handmade bags. A crossover between fashion, cultural exchange, innovation in craft and social engagement.

In 2008 and in 2011 I developed and designed two bag collections produced handmade and fair trade by craftsmen in Nepal.

The idea behind Buddhi ( 2008-2016) was to create a timeless and modern design for handmade felt to show the beauty and strength of the material and to promote an alternative material instead of leather in the world of fashion & bag production.

Why felt? I met craftsmen specialised in the craft of felting on a fair trade fair in Amsterdam and I was fascinated by the material. Short after the meeting I wrote to the Association for Craft Producers in Kathmandu if they were interested in starting a collaboration.

Collection : NO machines bY HAND 2011

The idea was to go from developing country to the western design world. I created a signature of a seamless, sculptural form of felt in the colours black, light grey, dark grey, white and beige.

I developed a limited collection of 100 pieces which I sold in museum stores and fair fashion stores.

Collection: NO machines bY HAND. Mountain Grey
Collection : NO machines bY HAND. White.
Collection : NO machines bY HAND.

Of each colour there are still a few pieces available. They all differ a bit in form because they are handmade. Please contact me if you are interested.

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